About Buzcafe

BuzCafe offers convenience to the entire process of transferring electronic cash. No more cash, no more complicated forms, no more passwords, no more bank account numbers, no more memorizing the payment dates, no more queuing and long trips to the bank. Just one-click and this eCash transfer app does it all. Once you use BuzCafe, you will never go back to transferring money the old, cumbersome way.

Quick, simple and highly secure, BuzCafe is integrated with UPI applications, which makes transferring your eCash more quick. The highly reliable eCash transfer app combines technology with secured and advanced payment solutions to send eCash, collect payments online, pay utility bills, mobile eCash transfer to loved ones, send and pay bills to merchants instantly without using an intermediate wallet or additional charges. From transferring hasslefree eCash to tracking expenses, BuzCafe is the best eCash transfer app.




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Key Features

Modern eCash transfer app

Buzcafe is a point of convenience for eCash transfers between users and merchants

eCash Transfer online

Users can transfer eCash through app and save time and efforts

Scan and Pay

User can scan and pay to other users and merchants

Track and manage expenses

Users can have record of there daily and monthly expenses over app

Pay postpaid bills

Users have convenience to pay bills like phone, electrcity bills etc.

Pay through UPI applications

The users can use integrated UPI applications to make payments