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BuzCafe is an online peer 2 peer platform to find local and nearby retail services at your doorstep and Recharge, Billing & Booking Services.

BuzCafe Offerings

Over the last decade, there has been tremendous shift in financial transactions and payment ecosystem across the globe. BuzCafe is offering convenience and ease of use in peer to peer transactions. BuzCafe offers cashless recharges, money transfers and payments convenient by peer to peer transfers through Web and Mobile application. BuzCafe is known for its exceptional money transfer service. Making any online money transfer easy and quick, BuzCafe comes with multiple features.

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How It Works?




Key Features

Modern eCash transfer app

Buzcafe is a point of convenience for eCash transfers between users and merchants

eCash Transfer online

Users can transfer eCash through app and save time and efforts

Scan and Pay

User can scan and pay to other users and merchants

Track and manage expenses

Users can have record of there daily and monthly expenses over app

Pay postpaid bills

Users have convenience to pay bills like phone, electrcity bills etc.

Pay through UPI applications

The users can use integrated UPI applications to make payments

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